The message of the roots rock Reggae Music coming straight from the hearth of Kingston Jamaic

WORLD PREMIER! Jealousy by Singing U aka Bobo Yisrael A song about the wickness deeply rooted in people all over the globe, wreaking havoc, destruction and death on the lives of those affected by it. 

So Long by Singing U

Filmed in Kenya...a song of our peoples struggle from slavery to the present.

Yah Love Is Beautiful by Singing U

featuring Shocking Murray

Anthem for Israelite Brothers and Sisters

Angel by Singing U

Praise to the Most High

He Is Great by Singing U

Filmed in Germany, Ode to the Most High

Yaddin On by Singing U w/ Uwe Banton

Ruhr Reggae Summer 2009 

Black Blood by Singing U & Rod of Iron

The blood of our people shed at the hands of the enemy from slavery up to today

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