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Edward Wilson, Internationally known as Singing U aka Bobo Yisrael, was born September 3, 1972, in Shrewsbury, Portland, Jamaica. He was destined for greatness from birth, as his Mom delivered him into the world on top of a hill, under a tree, instead of at a hospital. Bobo’s naturalivity was established straight from the womb, as he grew up surrounded by the raw elements of his homeland, Jamaica. There was no electricity in his childhood household, he and his siblings bathed in the flowing rivers and ate from the plenteous supply of natural foods that was grown all over the land where they lived. This is the foundation of one of the greatest Reggae Artists to ever come out of Jamaica. As a youth, Bobo grew up surrounded by many musicians like Steady Ranks, Natty King, Shocking Murray, Antonio Wiseman, NightHawk, Marlon B, Dennis Brown and Half Pint, just to name some, who influenced the making of his astonishing music career. His powerful music has uplifted the poor and needy, fed the soul of truth seekers, given a different perspective to Rastafari and energized black communities throughout the world.  


Bobo first discovered as a youth, that he could sing when he was alone in a secluded place in Jamaica and had an urgency to just sing…he was astonished by his own voice, as he had never heard such a sound coming from himself before. That was it! He knew his gift and talent from that day forward. At age 10, he won his first singing contest, which brought him a contract from Penthouse Records. He then began carving his craft by performing at local shows and venues throughout Jamaica. His sensitive, hypnotic voice, combined with his charisma has been the magnet that has attracted fans from the very beginning of his music career until today.  

Bobo’s vibes are unprecedented! Very few artists can deliver spiritual satisfaction to huge audiences, while captivating the emotions of many at the same time. Bobo Yisrael is such an Artist through the highly energetic music he sings from his soul. 


Singing U aka Bobo Yisrael is not only recognized for his skill and talent as a solo artist, but is also well known amongst Jamaica's Top a Top Reggae entertainers. He has graced the stage and collaborated on multitudes of songs with many other famous musicians, such as Julian Marley, Half Pint, Rod of Iron (Marcus Garvey’s Blood Relative), Uwe Banton, Yah Meek, Bobo Niyah, Shocking Murray, Culture Brown, Seltza, Marlon B plus many more. Bobo’s persona is always to uplift, empower and inspire those he works with, as well as those seeking wisdom and knowledge of self. His energy is electrifying and sure to touch the hearts of all who hear his music but especially those in attendance to his concerts, as the power flows from him connecting to the audience. Bobo has the ability and gift to touch the soul, which is rare amongst many of today's artists. 


At age 24, Bobo first traveled to Europe, where he toured with Everton Blender, Michael Rose, Junior Marvin, The Riddom 1000 and the Ravers Band, amongst many others. His Debut Album "Progressive" was produced by Sunvibe Records, in Germany and distributed by JetStar. He then released “Imagination”, and the single "Jah Love Is Truly A Blessing" which he recorded with his partner at that time, Night Hawk. The song received airplay with great reviews. His next album entitled "Destiny" was produced by Ever Blazzing Production/Angus, moving Bobo’s music career forward. It was however, Singing U aka Bobo Yisrael’s next album entitled “Journey To Israel”, also produced by Ever Blazzing Production, that pushed him to an International level as an artist. The album was released in 2011, with many of the songs still being listened to today. The most popular song “Yah Love is Beautiful” features the sweet sound of Bobo’s voice on lyrics with the strong message of overcoming slavery. This song is still blessing the brethren tremendously across the globe. “The Truth Reveals”, is the next album, another powerful collection of songs from Bobo, produced by FreeTime Records and released in November 2014. The album has continuous great feedback from fans and is still selling in stores all over the world.


The latest and most potent album of Singing U aka Bobo Yisrael’s musical career, is coming forth in 2016. The album entitled “Take Me To My Higher Self” features songs with the deepest lyrics, sure to be an electrifying phenomena to all listeners. The Producers of this powerful album include David Shepherd, known as ‘Cat’ of UCY Studios, Germany and Mista Martin of Freetime Records. Bobo and this professional team of producers worked very hard on the formation of this album, as it is perfectly fit for the times we are living in and will be the strength, empowerment, enlightenment and high energy that many of our people seek in these days of unbearable grief and sufferation. This album is going to be a life changer for many across the globe and will reach extensive audiences, young and old. Singing U aka Bobo Yisrael, is truly one of the greatest Reggae Artists of all time! 

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